Startup Summer School - 2020

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Story behind Startup Summer School

4 Million students are enrolled in around 192 Universities / HEIs that is less than 2% of total population. These qualified graduates are drivers of socio-economic change. Creating more than 1 Million Job per annum is among greatest challenges and will not be possible without proactive role of universities in Pakistan.
Till today, HEIs in general, focused more on developing employees and not employers / entrepreneurs. During COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time to empower unversity students with prime focus on indigenous impact-based entrepreneurship to solve social issues in creative and innovative ways.

4 Million students

192 Universities / HEIs

1 Million Jobs per annum required

Fables Template
Fables Template

Startup Summer School

Center for Global Innovators (CGI) has aimed to provide chance to every Pakistani youngester to learn entrepreneurship in just 4-Week Startup Incubation Program. Learn how to build a business in 4 Weeks, through Gamified Interactive Learning Platform from Top business & startup leaders of Middle East, China & Silicon Valley.
Participants of Startup Summer School 2020 will get a chance to learn from Top Business Executives of Pakistan — through a groundbreaking collaboration with CXO Global Forum. The CxO Global Forum is a network of senior executives & country heads from the world’s largest and most influential companies.






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